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3 min readMay 10, 2022


Cyberbullying happens for many of the same reasons as any other type of bullying. Here, I will be elaborating on some reasons people may do their bullying online:

Anonymity: A lot of bullies find cyber bullying even more appealing because it can be done anonymously. Cyberbullying allows bullies to avoid facing their victims, so it requires less courage and provides them with the illusion that they would never get caught. People tend to do and say things to others with relative ease online that they usually would not (or can not)do in person. The anonymity makes the bully feel better about what they are doing because no one knows that they are the ones doing the harm.

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Ignorance Of The Consequences: Cyber bullies are in most cases not fully aware of the exact extent to which their actions may be harmful to others.The National Council on Crime Prevention reports that in a survey of teenagers, 81% said they believe others cyberbully because they think it’s funny. Because there is lack of non verbal cues via internet, they don’t see nor feel their victims’ reactions. Of course they’ll think it’s funny because they don’t realize that they actually made someone cry, insecure or even suicidal. Cyberbullies may not realize how much damage they are doing.

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Social Pressure: Some cyberbullies indulge in the act for validation, thus, they want to feel relevant in society. They see it as a way to stay popular while others feel in charge or powerful by hurting others. Cyber bullies may think their behavior is normal and socially acceptable, especially when friends urge them on. They may say or do things in an effort to impress, seem really intelligent or informed to others. Almost forgetting that there’s someone at the receiving end of it all.

source: the JEM foundation

Entertainment: would you be surprised to learn that some cyber bullies put their victims through all the trauma for the fun of it? Just because a bully is bored and have too much time on his/her hands and too many technological toys available to them, they may go online and write something awful to or about someone for laughs or to get a reaction from them or from other people to feel entertained.

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Personal Reasons: Cyber bullies may be motivated by factors such as anger, revenge, frustration, envy, hatred, mental or emotional instability etc. Cyber bullying may be a way for people with the aforementioned problems to cope with their own low-self esteem or even cause them to have troubles empathizing with the people they hurt. Some may also use cyber bullying as a self defense weapon or to defend others or stand up for them.

By: Henrietta Boglo



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