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3 min readMay 10, 2022

To think that some people can be cyberbullied and some cant is totally wrong. Journalists and celebrities are like the kings and queens of social media because of their line of work. However, their role does not prevent them from being cyberbullied. Here are some top celebrities who have been bullied by the use of the internet.

  1. Deputy Minister Transport
Hassan Tampuli

The minister was cyberbullied when a social media handler tried marking grammer on a post the minister made on social media about an incident that claimed over several lives with over 50 injuries recorded following a gas explosion at the Bogoso town of Apiete. His post read; “Horrible news of explosion at Apiete in the Western Region. I condole with the bereaved families and pray for speedy recovery for the victims who have suffered various degrees of injuries”

But a certain Nana Yaw Nyira Basoah who is a cyberbully known for marking the grammer on people post quickly commented; “sir please, check ‘console’ right”.

2. John Dumelo

The actor who turned politician also recounted his story about being a victim of cyberbully. He said; “was driving once around Sunyani and bumped into this guy. As soon as he saw me, he said ‘John, I am sorry’. I asked why. He said during the elections he trolled me so much on social media but now that he’s seen me in person, his perception has changed. Ihugged him”. he tweeted.

3. Serwa Amihere

Recently, the journalist; Nana Aba and Serwa Amihere revealed to the public about how a cyberberbully trolled them on social media. the cyberberbully who was noticed as journalist Albert auditioned for a show (the new tv star) on GHone where he was put on the spot by Nana Aba.

the public tried terming the actions of the panels at the audition as harsh but the victim Serwaa Amihere responded on twitter.

Anyone at all can be cyberbullied despite their social status and the effects are the same.


By: Rosemond Okraku



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