Laws in Ghana against Cyber Bulling

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2 min readMay 30, 2022

Can someone be sued as a cyber bully?

Do you know the laws in Ghana frown on cyber bullying?

Yes! Cyber bully has general laws. A lot of people think cyber bullying can be done with zero offense to the Law.

But every country has a way to protect people if they are cyber bullied and there are laws to deal with perpetrators.

1. In Ghana, posting of rumors about a person is defamatory in nature and can tarnish a persons image so the victim can sue for defamation in tort arguing that he or she has suffered damage to person

Also if the person is threatened on the Internet the victim can also sue for assault in tort

2. A cyber bully can be sued for damage to person and claim to be compensated

And with the threat of death via message the victim can sue for assault because assault involves an apprehension on imminent physical contact

3. Another important thing the cybersecurity in Ghana deal with is, posting of nudes.

The person can sue claiming that it is against public morality and should be awarded damages(compensation)

4. Being body shamed she can sue for damages claiming that she has suffered emotional damages

One may ask which laws can be referred to when taking legal actions about cyberbullying in Ghana;


Cyber Security (Act 1038): A person shall not threat to distributes by posts mail texts are transmit by electronic means or otherwise, A private image moving images of another person; with specific intent to a) harass, threaten intimidate especially extort money from the victim.

In criminal law (Act 208): I person who publishes or reproduce a statement rumor or reports which is likely to cause fear and alarm to the public Or to disturb the public peace knowing Are having a reason to believe the statements rumor or reports asphalt commits a misdemeanor.

To conclude, being cyber bullied can affect you mentally, emotionally and psychologically. This blog is here to tell you there are legal actions to take and protect yourself, family, friends and even a stranger.

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By: Jasmine Mensah



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