Is cyber bullying against teenagers more detrimental than face-to-face bullying?

Team Diplomats
2 min readMay 21, 2022

Teenagers are an extremely sensitive population. They are associated with a variety of issues especially due to the changes in hormones and transition from childhood to adulthood. Bullying is a common practice among teenagers. It entails a form of violent behavior against an individual with an aim of harassing.

Cyber bullying has become a very common practice among individuals especially the young generation. Some of the feelings related to cyber bullying include sadness and anxiety; hurt feelings towards others, depression and other mental health problems, inability to trust in other people, low self esteem, lack of confidence and sense of security, frustrations, fear and anger, formation of prejudice for instance based on the race or religion of the cyber bully among others.

Protect and support cyberbully victims

Research shows that cyber bullying is more detrimental than face to face bullying. Some of the reasons behind this include the fact that the effect is more permanent. This is so because the insults or comments used in bullying an individual could be preserved by the victim or others and the victim could view them time after time making the issue even more painful5. There is also the issue of audience size.


By: Redeemer Denueme



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