5 (five) facts you may or may not know about cyberbullying

Team Diplomats
2 min readJun 15, 2022
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1.Young adults experience the highest levels of cyberbullying. for example, 24% of 26–35 year old have reported substantial lifetime cyberbullying.

2.Celebrities are the most targeted adults online.

The average person assumes that they have permission to criticize, harm, or hurt the public eye using the internet. to think of the fact that public figures are not cyberbullied is a lie. lets think about it, they are the people who show more of themselves and their life on social media nd once they are public figures, people feel they can carry any information they have about them online. their comments and posts could just be fun to them but it shouldn’t be so. celebrities such as Nana Aba, Serwaa Amihere, Wendy Shay amongst others have been cyberbullied.

3. The main reason people get cyberbullied is because of their appearance (61%). appearance really counts in this aspect of life. however, people do not really regard that their dressing represents them and describes their persona. not everyone loves how ladies expose themselves and how guys keep their hair busy and untidy. people would not shame someone for their shorts cloths only but also if the dress shabbily. for instance if the colors in the dress do not match and if the dress doesn't look nice, people quickly give responds or comments against their post forgetting how hurtful it could be and the effect of that comment public on the individual.

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4. A 2020 survey found out that 44% of internet users had personally experienced online bullying behavior and online harassments. I’m sure many internet users can testify to this fact, especially women. For instance, you post a picture of yourself online and you get people speaking ill about your shape and looks. This sounds very bad.

5. 75% of people are aware of cyberbullying. In as much as people are aware of cyberbullying, much is not done about it. Many people see it normal until they become victims. It is heartbreaking that more than half the population have an idea about cyberbullying but it seems they do not really care much about it.

By: Rosemond Okraku



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